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Active Homes Home Warranty Program

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

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When getting a home built, you need to check with the builder about the warranties included in the home package. This will protect you from shoddy workmanship and any other hardships you may face if the builder doesn’t do the job properly.

At Active Homes, we offer a new home warranty that covers various unforeseeable issues that may crop up. We partner with Progressive Home Warranty, so you can rest assured your home will be taken care of years down the road.

Progressive Home Warranty is an award-winning company that started in 2004 as a mom-and-pop venture. Since then, it has become Canada’s fastest growing new home warranty company. Currently, they work with over 5,000 builders across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

We did our research, and ultimately, we felt that Progressive had the best warranty program to offer our clients.

Though our warranties will be covered by Progressive, we want you to know that we will be there to ensure all of your questions are answered. We understand that you’ve already dealt with a ton of new information, and thinking about the warranty might be overwhelming.

We will help you understand exactly what you’re getting with our home warranty program. Here we will touch base on the basic structure of the warranty. If there are still any questions, feel free to speak with us. We’ll be more than happy to help.

This is the basic outline of the warranty we offer for our clients through Progressive.

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1 Year Materials And Labour Warranty

This covers the materials used to make your home as well as our workmanship. The materials covered are things like fixtures, baseboards, trims, flooring, and other similar items. If your stair railings are loose, this would be the warranty that would cover it.

Keep in mind, this part of the warranty only lasts for a year. So, if you notice something, it’s best to notify us right away.

2 Year Mechanical Systems Warranty

There are several systems in your home covered by this portion: the gas system, electrical system, plumbing system, heating system, ventilation system, and the air conditioning system. It's important that you're in your home, both physically and mentally. It’ll be easier to relax if you know everything is covered.

If you do notice an issue, make sure to contact us right away.

5 Year Foundation Water Penetration Warranty

The shell of the home is covered under this portion of the warranty. This means any of the structures between the exterior and the interior. This includes your walls and roof as well as the foundation.

Leaks may occur for a variety of reasons, but if it’s due to a defect in the way the home was built, it is covered for five years. Make sure you check for water inside your home after a big storm. You’ll also want to check for any damages to the roof to ensure everything is functioning properly.

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10 Year Structural Defect Warranty

This portion of the warranty covers the structural integrity of your home. Your foundation, frame, and roof all fall under this guarantee. In addition, any load-bearing portion of your home will be covered here, as well as anything damaged by a failure in a load-bearing system if it makes your home uninhabitable.

$25,000 Deposit Security Warranty

When building a home, the buyer has to put a down payment on the project. In some cases, this could be a risk. Progressive offers this coverage because there is no guarantee you’ll be getting your money back should the builder go bankrupt. Progressive offers a warranty for your security deposit, up to a maximum of $25,000.

Active Homes Home Warranty Program Money Image

$6,000 Additional Living Expense Coverage

If you are required to live outside of your home due to some structural failure, Progressive will cover reasonable expenses. This includes a hotel, food expenses, or anything else that comes up due to the inconvenience.

You will need to know the date your warranty becomes effective. There are two dates this could be, and it lands on whichever one happens first. One is when the house has been transferred over, and the title is registered. The other is if you are given permission to live in the building by an accredited agency. In this case, they will offer you paperwork like an occupancy certificate.

When you first receive your warranty package, make sure to read it through thoroughly. You’ll want to write down your questions so you can remember to ask us or Progressive.

You’ll need to keep the warranty expiry dates somewhere that you can find easily. Some people write the dates on a post-it and place it in their home as a reminder. You can also file the document in an easy to reach spot, like a home office.

Once the build is complete, we will do a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) with you. At this point, you’ll be going through the home and looking for anything you would like to be fixed before you receive the title.

The PDI is important, so make sure you give it the proper amount of time. Inspect each room from top to bottom. Some people find it’s easier to work in grids. This is your opportunity to find any defects and point them out to your builder. These will all be repaired before your warranty comes into effect.

Remember, living in your home does not mean the warranty is active. Any defects you notice before it is in effect will not be covered under warranty. Should you find something in your home that requires attention once the warranty is in place, you should contact your builder. If for some reason we are unable to help at that time, you will need to file a claim with your warranty company.

If there are still difficulties, you can speak with the Residential Connect Program.

We’re happy to answer any questions about our warranty coverage. Feel free to reach out to us or give us a call at 587-441-3800.

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