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10 Reasons To Sell Your House In The Summer

Reasons To Sell Your House In The Summer Featured Image

It’s common to feel restless when spring finally arrives. After being stuck inside for the duration of the winter, it’s natural to want to get out and stretch your legs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best time to sell your house. If you don’t have a choice, then yes, spring is better than winter or fall. But if you’re able to hold out just a little longer, you’ll benefit more from selling in the summer.

Still not convinced? At Active Homes, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons to sell your home in the summer.

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Your House Is Prettier

Summer heat means summer flowers. You’ll find hibiscus, geraniums, and shasta daisies everywhere. If you have a green thumb, you’ve got a leg up on the competition during the summer.

It’s much easier to add to your curb appeal in the summer months. A backyard paradise is also something you can create for buyers. Having your yard filled with blossoms, manicured lawns, and comfortable patio furniture can make your home very attractive.

Spring, fall, and winter can’t compete when it comes to appealing yards. Their drab colours can’t compare to the summer months.

People Are Looking

Spring is the time that many people put their houses up for sale. The spring fever kicks in, and they decide they just can’t wait to move to a new home. This time of year is especially attractive to people who had their homes up for sale in the winter months and couldn’t make a sale.

That same spike in house sales during the spring benefits you as a seller if you play it right. The people that sold their homes will be looking to purchase a home in the summer months. Also, families coming from other municipalities will want to find a home in a new community over the summer so they don’t have to worry about school for their kids.

Only Serious Buyers Are Looking

Summer is about vacationing, camping, and doing fun things with family and friends. On the other hand, moving can be stressful, labour intensive, and eat up a lot of your vacation hours.

You can be sure that if someone is spending their precious days of summer looking for a home, they are serious about making a purchase. This, in turn, ensures you don’t have to waste as much of your time with people who are uncertain if they want to buy just yet.

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You Have Time For Minor DIY Projects

The cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours make it difficult to do any minor upkeep to the exterior of your home. It can also make it a hassle for you to deal with some indoor projects. No one wants to live in a freshly painted house when the windows are frozen shut.

Summer is the time of year to give your fence an extra coat of paint, fix the trim around your trees, and wash your windows. These tasks are affordable and require only a little bit of a time commitment. The value these small tasks add to your home will make your investment well worth it.

Additional Visibility

For the most part, people are out and about over the summer. Kids aren’t in school anymore, so many parents are taking their little ones out to the park for some exercise. It’s also a great time to get into the habit of daily walks.

Almost anyone walking or driving past your home could be a potential buyer. There is also a higher probability of them mentioning the homes for sale to their friends and family.

Realtors will also be on the lookout during the summer months. They have clients looking for new homes and are combing through all of the possible options. You never know when a realtor could be eyeing up your home for one of their clients.

More Daylight Hours

The extended daylight hours also work to your benefit. During the winter, it's dark right after work, making it hard to go look at houses. Street lights can help, but it doesn’t help buyers get a good sense of the details. In the summer, they can easily explore your property without missing any important features you have.

It’s not nearly as tedious to get in and out of vehicles in the summer as it is in the winter. People are comfortable walking around the yard and then checking out your house’s interior. There will be no eye adjustment or foggy glasses in the summer.

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Better Seller’s Market

Of all the seasons, the summer months make for the best seller’s market. It’s the time of year when many prefer to relocate. This means there will be a high demand for houses at a time when many people aren't going to try to sell their homes if they don't have to.

You can take advantage of that high demand and price your home a little higher. Chances are you’ll get what you’re asking for. You can bet those serious buyers are going to purchase something.

It’s also a better market because people prefer to move in the summer. The weather is also more predictable and the added daylight hours give the illusion of more time in the day.

Timing Your Move

Once you’ve sold your house in the summer, you can take your time looking for a new home if you want. In the fall, the market will be moving into a buyer’s market again, so you’ll see lots of sellers lowering their prices along with new home builder promotions.

These sellers will also be motivated to get rid of their homes. If they want to get settled before the holidays, time is not on their side. On the other hand, you have plenty of time to look around and find something you’re completely comfortable with.

If you need to purchase your home before school starts, you can make it happen. You will even have plenty of time to get settled before Thanksgiving if you want.

On the other hand, if you sell your place in the early summer, you might even be able to have a new home built before the snow flies.

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